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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Cunt of the Week

Kim Possible.

Our first ever Cunt of the Week prize goes to Kim Possible. This is a bitch who has several problems in the eyes of El Chauvinisto. For starters, it seems pretty unfathomable to think that there exists such a thing as a "female (cunt) action hero." Second, her primary goals in the show are not sucking cock...what gives? I for one just cannot believe that the cunt hungry bull dykes over at Disney would have the audacity to actively promote a "strong female presence" on television. This does nothing more than corrupt the minds of cunts everywhere into thinking that they actually have some other value in life other than sucking cock.

Actively promoting male inferiority

There are several male characters on the show, the most prominent is Ron Stoppable. Disney describes him as, "Kim's goofball sidekick" and "bumbling boyfriend." You have got to be fucking shitting me. The vast feminist conspiracy has finally reached Disney. I can only hope for one thing...that every cunt involved with this show gets an infection in her vertical hatchet wound.

Kim Possible - our first Cunt of the Week

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