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Friday, April 30, 2010

Tom Leykis: If you're not a slut, who is?

Great radio interview involving some dumb whore. Like all women, it's not her fault, she's not to blame, and she's definitely not a slut. Denial: the disease of women.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Japanese = No Respect For Women.

This is a video sent to me by a fan of the site. In it is depicted a Japanese guy running up to women and cumming all over them. It's pretty sick, but it's also pretty awesome and hilarious that the Japanese know a woman's place so well.

Public ejaculation...way to go Japs!

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Women invented?? THINK AGAIN BITCH

a while back Google made a correction to if you typed in "she invented"

AS THEY SHOULD. Name one thing a woman invented... And I'll tell you YOU'RE WRONG.
Women RARELY invent anything. I can only think of 1 thing of out of the course of all humanity a woman HONESTLY invented... Rape culture.
Here is a list of things women claim they "invented"... and here is me shutting them the fuck up.

-Bullet proof vests
(invented by Casimir Zeglen, but women think Stephanie Kwolek did this in 1965... by the way, did it working for MEN with the help of MEN.)
-Radiation Therapy
(Marie Curell worked with a team of men... one of which she was married to, then the stupid bitch died of radiation cause she had no clue what she was doing)
-Liquid paper
(Bessie Nesmith actually did invent this... IF YOU CALL THAT INVENTING. How is repackaging shitty white paint an invention? AND BY THE WAY, what MAN uses white out? There is a reason it's called a MISS-take!)
-circular saw
(Tabitha Babbit would want you to think SHE made it in 1812, despite Gervinus of Germany beating her to in 1780 and Samuel Miller inventing the damn think in 1777)
-the Elevated Railway
(Elevated Railway. Mary Walton? The Meigs Elevated Railway was an experimental steam-powered monorail invented by Joe V. Meigs of Lowell, Massachusetts, built in 1886. But to her credit she did invent a way to make train tracks quieter so she didn't have to deal with the reminder men CAN do it!)
-The structure of DNA
(AT BEST Rosalind Franklin is the groupie of James Watson and Francis Crick, you know... the men WHO ACTUALLY DISCOVERED, EXPLAINED, AND TAUGHT IT TO THE WORLD. It sure is easy to take credit for something LONG after the fact.)
-Wind shield wipers
(J. H. Apjohn came up with the original method (which oringinally went up and down)Mary Anderson changed the direction. An invention that is just as note worthy as Liquid paper)
-electric hot water heater
(Edwin Rudd 1889 FOR THE WIN PLEASE! not Ida Forbes in 1917)
-Fire escape
(In 1784, Daniel Maseres, of England, invented a machine called a fire escape... but don't tell that to Anna Connelly 1887... damn bitch, NOT EVEN IN THE SAME CENTURY)
-Cooking stove
(Elizabeth Hawk 1867... or Benjamin Franklin of 1742. I wonder who it could be?)
-Rotary Engine and Engine Muffler
(The rotary engine was invented by Dr. Felix Wankel, The Car muffler was invented by Hiram Percy Maxim... SUCK IT El Dorado Jones!)
(this one is so pathetic, its SHOCKING. Crates of Mallus in Cilicia (now Çukurova in modern-day Turkey) around 150 BC. So how long did it take a woman to do the same? Took until Ellen Fitz 1875 when she thought she was being creative)
(Stephanie Kwolek 1965? sure, if you wanna discredit all the MEN who worked on the project with the bitch at DuPont!)


-Chocolate Chip Cookies
(Ruth Wakefield invented it in 1933, when women KNEW THEIR PLACE)
-life raft
(invented by Maria Beaseley in 1882 because she was scared of water)
-The Dish Washer?... sort of...
(This is me giving women a freebie. While the first dishwasher was invented by J. H. Apjohn in 1850, Josephine Cochrane invented hers in 1886. So what was this amazing invention that she came up with? A wooden cabinate that shot water, which is about as creative as a woman can be. Women are so stupid silly sometimes.)


happy WoMen's HIStory month... here's a few more accomplishments of women
-Original sin
-Getting knocked up to keep a guy around
-being wrong
-Alimony (see prostitution)

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Feminist DELUSION pt. 2 (Shut you're whore mouth!)

Please watch/read The Feminist DELUSION pt.1

Good Job "feminists", the only way you can win is to attack little boys!
The hilarious thing is they STILL say they are losing.

How pathetic is your gender when you can't even win against children?

But I Digress... Here is are the answers you need to shut women up.

1: What wars have women started?

MANswer: Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth, Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni, Matilda of Tuscany, Margaret of Anjou (and over bitterness from her divorce with King Henry VI... How sad.), Lakshmibai (the Valiant Rani) queen of Jhansi, Margaret Thatcher... I'm sure I'm missing a couple.

(if she says I never heard of those, remind her she should open up a history book)

2: Why are women better at raising children?

MANswer: 70%-85% of inmates were raised by single mothers. In custody cases Women get custody 60% of the time, Joint custody 25% of the time, and Father's get custody 15% of the time. How are men failing when having a father seems to be the best way to keep them from being fucked up?

Cunt counter: but what about all those men that leave their kid behind?

MANswer: Are you talking about those men that leave out of fear of having a child because they grasp the seriousness of bringing another life into the world and are scared of raising a kid in a disadvantaged condition? They only leave because the woman was too selfish too have an abortion or give the kid up for adoption. Having a kid shouldn't be a trap ladies.

Or are you talking about those father who have an affair because A WOMAN used sex to get with the man she wants, and when he confesses to his wife in shame she leaves him with out any talk of a second chance, making it work for the kids sake, and becomes a vindictive hell bent bitch trying to brain wash her kids into hating daddy because he made a mistake he was very sorry for? Sounds like it's the woman forcing daddy to go away there.

Or are you talking about the actual asshole dads who are such pieces of shit they know they are no good for anyone and they don't wanna have anything to do with their kid? Sounds to me like he's doing the kid a favor. I wish more UNFIT MOTHERS WOULD GRANT THEIR KIDS THE SAME COURTESY.

3: What women go out raping, sexually harassing, sexually assaulting, or committing violent crimes

MANswer: That would mean women would have to figure out a way to rape a man 1st, and women are way too stupid for that. Men prevent rape by JUST SAYING YES, and women should do the same.
But if you wanna call out statutory rape Mary Kay Letourneau and all those other teachers.
Sexual harassment and sexual assault happen ever night a man goes to a club and some fat bitch starts trying to not only have her DISGUSTING way with him... but con him in to buying her (as well as himself) drinks.
As for violent crimes, women are too weak and pathetic to commit violent crime. Seriously, 19/20 women can't kick a man's ass, and the 1/20 that can were trained how to by A MAN... a man who can STILL kick their ass.

4: Why do women score better on the SAT's?

MANswer: They do, because the SAT's seem to disagree

5: "Women are more spiritually evolved"- Sandra Bernhard, unfunny AND stupid.

MANswer: “Let the women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but let them be in subjection, as also saith the law. And if they would learn anything, let them ask their own husbands at home: for it is shameful for a woman to speak in the church.” - I Cor. 14:34, 35

“Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: …. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything.”- Eph. 5:22, 24

“A Man is the image and glory of God: but the woman is the glory of the man. For the man is not of the woman; but the woman of the man: for neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man. But I would have you know that the head of every man is Christ: and the head of the woman is the man: and the head of Christ is God.”-I Cor. 11

And I'm no muslim, but aren't women supposed to be stoned for cheating and wear burkas?

6: Why do men make 20 some odd cents (the figure changes w/ each woman) less than a man?

MANswer: Let's ASSUME this is true (by the way, if you are making less than $50,000 a year it is NOT TRUE). Now based on this made up "fact", here are he studies into why.
-Rochester Institute of Technology found that money was the primary motivator for only 29% of women, versus 76% of men
-A study published in the Journal of the Royal Society shows female doctors are 20 per cent less productive than their male counterparts.
-When a woman gets pregnant she gets moody, irrational, and has to take time off work... Time your company didn't hire you for.
-Men score better on SAT's

As far as I can see, 75 cents of MY man dollar is FAR too much.

7: Why are there so many battered women?

MANswer: Why are women too stupid to leave the man who's hurting them? And don't give me FEAR as an excuse! If that were the case women would NEVER report crime because they would be scared. See if a woman who walked in on a dead body doesn't report a murder knowing full well there's a chance they could be next.


8: Why can't women take off their shirts, but men can?

MANswer: Cause men don't wear low cut shirts and squeeze their tits together to get free drinks... Time and place ladies, Time and Place...

9: If women ran things everything would be better!

Manswer: What proof is there of that women=great leader? Former Queens who had MALE ADVISORS? Even then for ever "great" woman leader in history I will give you 4 GREATER MEN! Seriously, what is so great about Cleopatra being a hot peice of ass? What is so special about what women leaders? The best a woman leader has EVER done is simply NOT FUCK UP and the only way they got there is by listening to men!

10: Women aren't shallow and don't objectify men!

MANswer: First off, let me say I'm sorry that you are ugly/fat.

Secondly, women NOT shallow? Ummm, aren't women notorious for something called "the friend zone"? Isn't that about as shallow as... oh I dunno, A girl who only goes after a specific type of guy and doesn't consider other guys at all or make exceptions only if they have money, are funny, or are totally attractive?

I'm sorry you can't give a guy an erection, what do you want ME to do about it?

11: Women can resolve problems better

MANswer: This is clearly shown by their ability to cry and start arguements out of nowhere but let's ignore that when I have a 20 x better point...
There are global conflicts going on all over, why haven't any women stepped up to fix them? Let me guess, cause a man hasn't let you? Why not get a man to pass the solutions up to the proper channels?
Seems kinda selfish if you have all the answers but are refusing to share them.

12: Men are evil

MANswer: Here's mathematical proof women are

13. Women are stronger than men!

MANswer: explain how is it possible they are such victims of male physical abuse...

Cunt Counter: I mean with pain...

MANswer: explain why the same amount of pain that make a woman cry makes A MAN "uncomfortable"

Cunt Counter: I meant Emotionally!!!

MANswer: I agree. You ARE much stronger in the catagory of being emotional... I mean If you consider that a "strength". Last I recall not doing your work because you were busy crying wasn't a good thing.

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