El Chauvinisto: You Might Be A Masculinazi If...
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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

You Might Be A Masculinazi If...

I personally feel it should have been called, "you might be a genius if," but that's just my opinion. Taken from here.

- You think all females have it "easier" than males
-What, they don't? - El Chauvinisto

- You presume that no woman is strong enough to serve in military combat
-Quite simply...they're not. - El Chauvinisto

- You feel that wives should "obey" their husbands in opposite-sex marriages
-Well, considering that the man OWNS his woman when married... - El Chauvinisto

- You view all women (except for the ones you consider "ugly") as sex objects
-Uhhhh...yeah. You don't? - El Chauvinisto

- You think every woman's sexual purpose on this Earth is to make you cum
-See Acceptable Female Activities - El Chauvinisto

- Your idea of a fair divorce settlement is an ex-wife waivering a majority of his income to her ex-husband, despite which ex-spouse earns more
-Actually my idea of a fair divorce settlement is slavery...I guess that's where you and me differ. - El Chauvinisto

- You think men should rule the world
-Always have, always will...which we do - El Chauvinisto

- You assert that men hold "superior" intuition and judgement compared to women
-Only a woman will talk back to a man...that's poor judgement. - El Chauvinisto

- Snapping a female's bra is your idea of a good time
-That, of course, and doing this - El Chauvinisto

- You think all females should be auctioned off in the nude as retail "property" of males
-Obviously. Nobody wants a "blind-date" sex slave... - El Chauvinisto

- Child-bearing is the prime purpose for which you feel females serve
-See Acceptable jobs for cunts. - El Chauvinisto

- You assume that lesbians men are "man-hating bulldogs who are too ugly or butch to attract men"
-That's why they're lesbian...duh. - El Chauvinisto

- The ideal scenario to you in any opposite-sex marriage is when the male spouse is "the head of the house"
-If he's not, we've got problems. - El Chauvinisto

- You have no sympathy for females' medical burdens (i.e., menstruation, fibroid tumors, pregnancy, menopause, vaginal infections, breast cancer, hysterrectomies)
-Menstruation: As the saying goes, "I don't trust anything that bleeds for a week and doesn't die." Fibroid Tumors: Stop sticking shit in your pussy...damn whores. Pregnancy: When is a woman doing anything useful if she's not pregnant? Menopause: "Useful" life is over...time to "end it." Vaginal Infections: See fibroid tumors. Breast Cancer: If the bitch can't feed my kids I'll trade her for an XBOX. Hysterectomies: Once again...if the bitch can't get pregnant, she's worthless. - El Chauvinisto

- You argue with women just for the sake of arguing with women
-I wouldn't call it arguing, I'd call it "putting her in her place." - El Chauvinisto

- You want the 19th Amendment to be repealed
-Women voting = Despotism - El Chauvinisto

- You think a Barbie doll is an accurate representation of the average American female
-No, this is:

- You view women as love slaves who must wait hand and foot on every command of members of the male gender
-Couldn't have said it better myself. - El Chauvinisto

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