El Chauvinisto: Only Women Can Be Sluts
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Monday, January 7, 2008

Only Women Can Be Sluts

You read the title correctly. Only women can be sluts. They are also the only sex fully capable of being a whore. You probably knew that already.

I've heard many women on many occasions ask, "why is it 'cool' for a guy to have lots of sex but when a woman (broad, cunt, idiot, etc.) has a lot she is considered a slut?"

I'll tell you why you stupid bitch. But first let me explain the difference between a whore and a slut.

A whore by definition is:

A person considered as having compromised principles for personal gain; a prostitute.

A slut on the other hand is defined as:
A woman considered sexually promiscuous.

So what are the differences between the two? They both act like floozies. They are both despised by society. There can't be that much of a difference. Or is there? Yes. There is.

What the two definitions above fail to recognize is that being a whore is a mental flaw present in all women. She has sex with you, not for her own sexual pleasure, but for her addiction to either shopping or crack...or both. A whore wants something more than 3.9 ounces of manjuice strategically sloshed on her forehead. She wants dollars.

Sluttyness is purely physical.

Shopping and crack to a whore is like cock to a slut. They accomplish the same thing. The slut shops for, AND smokes cock. She gets all her pleasure from the penis or other phallic like instruments.

So back to the question, "why is it 'cool' for a guy to have lots of sex but when a woman (broad, cunt, idiot, etc.) has a lot she is considered a slut?"

The short answer is that penises are far superior to vaginae.

A man can have sex with literally thousands of women without any physical changes/damages to his paduke. Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain railed 20,000 women and rather than the sex becoming worse over time, you can pretty much guarantee that the 20,000th got as much, if not more, pleasure from "The Stilt" than the first. That's because penises do not get 'used up' like vaginae.

A slut is a slut because vagina's undergo a physical change after it is first penetrated. A woman's vagina will never get any better than the first time. It gets worse...much worse. Why do you think virgins are so prized around the world? Why do you think I will not involve myself with a woman who will not suck my cock or let me put it in her ass whenever I want? Thousands of dumb fucks over seas kill themselves every year just to get a shot at 72 of these sluts. Why 72? Vaginal rejuvenation surgery. The 6 or so weeks it takes the first slut to heal up from surgery is the approximate amount of time the average Joe takes to get through about 70 of those sluts. The other two are buffer virgins.

Long story short, penises > vaginae. They last longer, are more efficient, and don't smell like shit.

Only women can be sluts because only vagina's can become used-up, floppy, stretch marked, torn, bleeding, cheese making, gigantic, horse's collars.

I mean, Jesus Fucking Christ! Children pop out of these things! Fucking children! That's HUGE! Have fun in one of those.

A message to every slut out there: next time you go to the doctor, ask to see the vaginal rejuvenation specialist. When HE comes into the room, and it will be a HE, suck his cock. He deserves it. Just remember that in five years you'll be needing to see him again.

Video Evidence (NSFW):

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  1. Because men are afraid to death of having to raise another's child (having to dedicate their resources to an offspring that is not resulting from their genes). But they have no objection to make another man raise theirs. Thus, you fuck around and all is fine and dandy.

    (Read Steven Pinker, "How the mind works": http://pinker.wjh.harvard.edu/)

    Pure biology. All this nonsense of "women are sluts if they fuck more than it is acceptable for men to keep their peace of mind" is just a result of your natural insecurity.

    Come on, we left the caves long ago. Quit the war of sexes. You'll be happier.

  2. you are one twisted person ( maybe person is going too fucking far)
    tell me where did you come from?
    were you born?
    do you have a mother?
    or prahaps you simply crawled out of a hole in the ground,I hope the latter is true, or i pitty her, hold on.... did she run off and leave you? thats it isnt it, you poor pathetic little boy, by the way there is nothing wrong with being gay,which lets face it you are, you prefer to stick your probably diseased dick up peoples asses, if you don't like women, stick with men and stop obsessing about them. Men ofcourse die sooner than women,lets pray your one of them, so hopefully the world wont have to waste much more oxygen on you.

  3. LOL..anonymous I love your style. I bet he was bitch slapped by a woman, so he is feeling insecure about women, or maybe intimadated by them. In that case he should stick with men since he hates women so much. Just put him and all the men like him on some remote island where they won't have to be bothered with women.

  4. I think you're feeling insecure about your floppy vagina. Otherwise you wouldn't give a shit about this post.

    You women are fucking retards.