El Chauvinisto: The Feminist DELUSION! pt1
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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Feminist DELUSION! pt1

Ask a feminist how they are not being treated as equals, they'll probably say:
-We still get paid less
-1 out of every 14 10 8 6 4 women are "raped" Even though the Koss's study is wrong because she purposely distorted facts and facts should never get in the way of a good sounding statistic.
-We don't get enough "respect" (as if that is quantifiable).
-We're seen as nothing but objects.

However when you bring up what is preventing them from getting that extra money, respect, or being seen as nothing more than a whole to shove a dick it just becomes an excuse to use men as a scapegoat for personal failure.

But what is odd is no woman has the solution to fix the problem.

That's like going to a fast food place, saying "I want a burger", then bitching that my burger isn't "equal" to the other burgers so you start a scene and start yelling "I deserve more!"

Women, you have more rights than men do. Name one right a woman doesn't have that a man does. Seriously, NAME IT (oh and ladies I will fight tooth and nail for the right for you to take your shirts off in public and not get arrested)!

I can name one right MEN don't have right off the top of my head .
-Right to not register for the draft at the age of 18.

That's how fucking amazing men are! Our country realizes that when the shit hits the fan, talking about our feelings isn't gonna stop the THE GENOCIDE OF THE JEWS AND A SECOND GLOBAL WAR CAUSED BY A MAN WHO WAS RAISED BY A SINGLE MOTHER!

And do men complain? FUCK NO! In fact, we WANT to protect our women... and how do these ungrateful bitches thank us? By starting CODE PINK, Fake rape charges, Sexual harassment lawsuits over so much as looking at them wrong, Discrimination lawsuits for not talking to them in fear of a sexual harassment lawsuit, and not shutting the fuck up!


What pisses me off is this load of horse shit of "women are equal to men" is being taught in our schools with a little twist on it.
"men and women are equal, but women are the MORE EQUAL gender"

Here is a CLASSIC Bill Maher episode of Politically Incorrect
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