El Chauvinisto: Women invented?? THINK AGAIN BITCH
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Monday, March 1, 2010

Women invented?? THINK AGAIN BITCH

a while back Google made a correction to if you typed in "she invented"

AS THEY SHOULD. Name one thing a woman invented... And I'll tell you YOU'RE WRONG.
Women RARELY invent anything. I can only think of 1 thing of out of the course of all humanity a woman HONESTLY invented... Rape culture.
Here is a list of things women claim they "invented"... and here is me shutting them the fuck up.

-Bullet proof vests
(invented by Casimir Zeglen, but women think Stephanie Kwolek did this in 1965... by the way, did it working for MEN with the help of MEN.)
-Radiation Therapy
(Marie Curell worked with a team of men... one of which she was married to, then the stupid bitch died of radiation cause she had no clue what she was doing)
-Liquid paper
(Bessie Nesmith actually did invent this... IF YOU CALL THAT INVENTING. How is repackaging shitty white paint an invention? AND BY THE WAY, what MAN uses white out? There is a reason it's called a MISS-take!)
-circular saw
(Tabitha Babbit would want you to think SHE made it in 1812, despite Gervinus of Germany beating her to in 1780 and Samuel Miller inventing the damn think in 1777)
-the Elevated Railway
(Elevated Railway. Mary Walton? The Meigs Elevated Railway was an experimental steam-powered monorail invented by Joe V. Meigs of Lowell, Massachusetts, built in 1886. But to her credit she did invent a way to make train tracks quieter so she didn't have to deal with the reminder men CAN do it!)
-The structure of DNA
(AT BEST Rosalind Franklin is the groupie of James Watson and Francis Crick, you know... the men WHO ACTUALLY DISCOVERED, EXPLAINED, AND TAUGHT IT TO THE WORLD. It sure is easy to take credit for something LONG after the fact.)
-Wind shield wipers
(J. H. Apjohn came up with the original method (which oringinally went up and down)Mary Anderson changed the direction. An invention that is just as note worthy as Liquid paper)
-electric hot water heater
(Edwin Rudd 1889 FOR THE WIN PLEASE! not Ida Forbes in 1917)
-Fire escape
(In 1784, Daniel Maseres, of England, invented a machine called a fire escape... but don't tell that to Anna Connelly 1887... damn bitch, NOT EVEN IN THE SAME CENTURY)
-Cooking stove
(Elizabeth Hawk 1867... or Benjamin Franklin of 1742. I wonder who it could be?)
-Rotary Engine and Engine Muffler
(The rotary engine was invented by Dr. Felix Wankel, The Car muffler was invented by Hiram Percy Maxim... SUCK IT El Dorado Jones!)
(this one is so pathetic, its SHOCKING. Crates of Mallus in Cilicia (now Çukurova in modern-day Turkey) around 150 BC. So how long did it take a woman to do the same? Took until Ellen Fitz 1875 when she thought she was being creative)
(Stephanie Kwolek 1965? sure, if you wanna discredit all the MEN who worked on the project with the bitch at DuPont!)


-Chocolate Chip Cookies
(Ruth Wakefield invented it in 1933, when women KNEW THEIR PLACE)
-life raft
(invented by Maria Beaseley in 1882 because she was scared of water)
-The Dish Washer?... sort of...
(This is me giving women a freebie. While the first dishwasher was invented by J. H. Apjohn in 1850, Josephine Cochrane invented hers in 1886. So what was this amazing invention that she came up with? A wooden cabinate that shot water, which is about as creative as a woman can be. Women are so stupid silly sometimes.)


happy WoMen's HIStory month... here's a few more accomplishments of women
-Original sin
-Getting knocked up to keep a guy around
-being wrong
-Alimony (see prostitution)

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  1. I love asking feminists, or any woman who thinks she's equal, to name ten things a woman invented off the top of their head. They NEVER can.

    Ask them to do the same about men and the issue switches from a woman's virtual inability to contribute to society to how they've been "held down" and the classic glass ceiling bullshit.

    Then, like clockwork, they'll tell you that you have a small penis.

  2. Stephanie Kwolek invented KEVLAR, you idiot. Kevler is used for many things other than bullet-proof vests (which by the way was a big improvement to the idiot Casimir Zeglen's lame version). Where's your list of men who helped her with it?! Radiation is not an invention, it's a DISCOVERY (there's a big difference), the same as electricity. Alot of the inventions that you listed that were originally done by men were later on made to work by women. For example Martine Kempf made the speech recognition system workable that was attempted earlier by a man that failed. Original sin was god's accomplishment, not woman's. Most refer to god as "he".


  3. chauvinists are actually stupid men who can't bear to see successful and intelligent women.

    Worry about your IQ not of those women who only "helped" inventing, because they sure have a higher IQ than chauvinists :)

    Marie Curie won Nobel prize for chemistry for her own merits. It's the only prize she did not share with her husband. Both Curies worked together in their lab on radioactivity. So both would have died because of it anyway.

    1. You're declaring victory? LOL. Sorry, but the vast majority of interventions were by men. Without sus omwne would still be living in grass huts. Feminist Camille Paglia even agrees. It's mans world. Get used to it.