El Chauvinisto: Itsamansworld Prison Update!!!
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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Itsamansworld Prison Update!!!

Just got the story from Itsamansworld's old man.

Apparently, Itsamansworld has been monitoring a cunt who works for him for several months. He's been coming up short on his balance sheet and suspects this cunt as the primary suspect. As I understand it, he confronted her at the end of a work day to question her about the missing money. At that point Itsamansworld asked to look inside her purse when she attempted to make a break for it. He grabbed her to take a peek inside of her purse when she kneed him in the genitals, gouged his eyes, scraped his face, and maced him. He them defended himself the only/best way he knows how. The police were called and when they arrived and found several hundred dollars inside her purse. Both were taken to jail shortly after. Itsamansworld's dad was informed by the lawyer that this cunt is thought to have stolen/embezzled in upwards of $20,000.

When this goes to trial I am confident that the charges against Itsamansworld will be dropped.

Stay tuned for the specific charges that were filed against both Itsamansworld and the cunt, as well as more specific information concerning the entire case...the who, what, when, where, and of course WHY did this bitch think she could get away with stealing that much cash from a man?

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1 comment:

  1. Oh, but I bet you that the bitch doesn't spend any time in jail either. Why can't a man defend himself against what he has been indoctrinated to believe is his "equal?" Why was he arrested to begin with? Fucking bitches want to be treated like men when it suits their purposes, but not when they fuck up. Funny that they get their way on that too, no? I am choosing anonymous as id because I can't remember my fucking password to google.