El Chauvinisto: Statistics on how worthless western women actually are...
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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Statistics on how worthless western women actually are...

...and why you shouldn't get married. Taken from here.

That's Life! magazine survey (Dec 9 2004) questioned 5,000 women, average age 38, across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland on their attitudes to truth, relationships, and behaviour.

# The overwhelming majority (96%) admit to lying.
# Almost half (45%) of the 5,000 questioned told the researchers for That's Life! magazine they tell lies most days.
# Half of all women would lie to their husbands or partners to keep their relationship going if they became pregnant by another man, a survey said today.
# Figures showed one woman in two would not tell her man that the baby she was carrying was not his - if she wanted to stay with him.
# They also said four out of ten (42%) would lie about contraception in order to get pregnant, in spite of the wishes of their partner.
# Eight out of ten women (83%) admit to telling "big, life-changing lies", with 13% saying they do so frequently.
# Partners (70%) are most likely to be lied to by women, with friends (65%), parents (64%), customers and clients (58%) and bosses (57%) also being deceived.
# Six out of ten (57%) admitted to stealing something, while one in four had taken from their parents. A quarter (23%) would "sneak a bottle or two" home if they were invited to a party by a well-off friend.
# Half (49%) would "kiss and tell" to the media for £25,000 if they had a one-night stand with a celebrity, and 38% say they would marry purely for money. 23% would allow their man to sleep with another woman for £50,000.
# Meanwhile, some 79% have got drunk at the office Christmas party, while a third admit to "getting off with someone they don't fancy" and 5% have ended up having sex with the boss.
# An alarming 31% of all women say they would not tell a future partner if they had a sexual disease. This rises for 65% for single women.
# Nearly half (46%) fake orgasms and more than half (55%) claim they are tired, have a headache, or feel ill to "get out of lovemaking".
# A fifth of women with a long-term partner (19%) say they have cheated on him by having an affair, while 30% of all women have had an affair with a married man.
# Most women (68%) do not trust their partner.

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  1. ...yeah, because we all know surveys are so factual.

  2. You're right...the people who conducted this survey are complete liars. Instead of reporting the actual answers given, they just made up every response to the questions asked. That way they could hide the fact that women aren't worthless. HAHAHAHA...yeah right...everyone knows that women are lying cunts.

  3. after christ know how many years dating english girls (no idea about welsh or scottish tbh!) i dated a girl on my course (japanese) i found her to have so much more heart than english girls.. all girls round my way seem to care about is americas next top model or whos dating who on hollyoaks

    to all the guys with a heart .. not the guys who want to be "players" or "pimps" LOL!

    ditch english girls .. theyre fucking worthless..all they want is a "bad boy"

    take it from an old guy who knows (26!)