El Chauvinisto: Chauvinisto Forums Are Online!!!
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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Chauvinisto Forums Are Online!!!

That's right. Chauvinisto now has a forum of its own. There are hidden sections full of porn (if you're under 18 fuck off) for members only so hurry and join. Anything you were afraid to talk about anywhere else you can now talk about on the Chauvinisto forums. If you know me, you know what that means. Don't be shy, sign up and join the revolution.

These forums are the perfect place for all you pansies (female) to vent properly (as apposed to the comment sections of blogspot).

I will be giving permanent moderation rights away to the first person (that's not a woman...and can prove it) who contributes 100 posts of quality content (not spam) to the forum. Itsamansworld will have default moderation rights once he gets out of the slammer. Those of you interested in a new, exiting community are encouraged to join. After all, the Chauvinisto forums can't be anything without you.

So, give it a thought and register when you're ready to join the ranks of the Chauvinisto army.

BTW, you can click on the image link at the top of the page to enter the forums at any time.

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