El Chauvinisto: Women Drivers Galore!
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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Women Drivers Galore!

And I pay more for insurance.

-Cunt takes 2 minutes to back out of a parking space.

-Cunts will do anything to spend men's money.

-This cunt failed the parking test.

-Crazy cunt driver almost kills a man inside the building when she slams her car through a glass wall in Athens Greece video from a security camera

-At least tell the parking attendant you dumb cunt.

-Typical cunt driver.

-Biggest spot, smallest car, cunt behind the wheel. Take a guess.

-8th DUI For Woman Leaving MADD Meeting. One cunt asked the drunk bitch, "why didn't you say, I can't drive home now after I've heard all this?" I know, I know, is it because she is a woman with absolutely no reasoning skills? Why yes it is. And they want to put a woman in the White House.

-Woman drives into a hole then goes in after her car. Genius.

-Roll-it bitch!!! HAHAAAAAAA!

-This bitch just deserves a good hate fuck. That dude is one tough sob though.

-Why is parking so fucking hard for women? BTW, if you like Lynard Skynard, this vid is for you.

-At least this one is getting an oil change.

-In case you were wondering why all this shit happens.


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