El Chauvinisto: Pick-up artists need to address the IMPORTANT questions!
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pick-up artists need to address the IMPORTANT questions!

Pick up artists are an odd group. On one hand they manipulate women into having sex with them by putting them down, lying, never paying for anything for them, or being loyal with one girl (which is all pretty manly)…
But on the other hand they handle it in a pretty lame way. They use jargon as if picking up women required the same skill as writing up an income statement, they believe ANY man can get ANY women the same way women think acting like a bitch will weed out assholes and help you find Mr. Right, and they get butt hurt easily.

They also DENY with all their hearts that they are chauvinists in the least bit… But I can respect that, because anyone who can lie so well that they convince themselves it’s true is a damn good liar.

I like to fuck around on the internet (as if this website wasn’t proof enough). It makes life more interesting for me, life more hellish to twats, and the internet a better place to make fun of people. While I am guilty of being a jovial-jack ass, what hurts is when I ask a serious question and get treated like a 3rd strike offender.

So when I asked the men of www.theattractionforums.com for some serious man-vice with this question, you can imagine my shock when they used the ban hammer against me for being “too mysoginistic.”

“So I have a question, I was fucking this bitch I met all nasty style and at first things were going good… but then this bitch started getting on my nerves. While I was ramming my sweet cock-cicle all up in that pussy hole she started moaning and shit.
FUCK TALK ABOUT A DISTRACTION! I asked her politely “Can you please shut the fuck up? I’m trying to have an orgasm here!”

Well she started crying, but luckily it was quite enough for me to bust a nut so it was all good… Well, it WAS all good till she started asking me all these annoying questions like

“Do you love me?”
“Do you respect me?”
“Will you call me again?”

When I answered the bitch with a simple no, she just started crying EVEN MORE! It was so fucking annoying I had to boot that bitch out.

MY QUESTION IS how can I get these bitches to stop asking me stupid questions after sex, and start asking me questions that are actually important like “Can I make you a sandwich?””

But after getting banned, I realized my problem… I was asking the wrong people. Getting advise from an internet forum on how to nail chicks is pointless because if these guys were getting laid, they wouldn’t be on a site asking other guys who don’t get laid, how to get laid.

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