El Chauvinisto: It is polite to treat women as objects
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It is polite to treat women as objects

Many of the people that meet me at parties hear I am a writer for this site. Some people think its AWSOME, and some people wanna cut my penis off for it. The people who don’t start crying or try and try to cut off my penis will usually tell me how awesome what I do is and tell me jokes about smacking women around.
Though I laugh, I am not for the Idea of a man hitting a woman. The reason I am not so excited for this idea is because the idea of a punching bag that cries and bleeds everywhere sounds like an annoying and messy workout hitting a woman means you see them as an equal.
Women are not, and never will be equal to men… and ladies why would you want to be? We make all the money are competitive, know how to not cry about everything are emotionally dead inside, and don’t know the meaning of quit till the job is fucking DONE! don’t stop doing things when we could be spending time elsewhere. Having a hole for shoving my cock in different perspective for life is a GOOD thing.
Any scenario where you hit a woman should be seen the same way you would hit a dog, unnecessary MOST of the time (However if a bitch attacking you, it’s self defense and no animal cruelty laws apply). It’s a mans discretion that determines if a bitch needs a good smacking, and multiple men agreeing the bitch needed it is always a good rule of thumb.
However the proper and polite way to treat a women is like a car. They should be used up to the full capacity with regular maintenance so you can chuck the old piece of shit for something new to use up and repeat the process.

-It is polite to take her out to dinner the same way it’s a good idea to put gas in your car.
-It’s proper to go out and do something the same way it’s proper to change your cars oil.

However you better believe the moment that alternator goes out (just like when your relationship loses its spark) you better chuck that old piece of shit for a newer younger model and hope you get better millage out of this one.

Of course when I explain this to people they say “but what about you and your girlfriend, how does SHE feel about this?” Ok, you got me everyone… I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND. I AM aware it is a loss of man points but I have enough to spare (if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to get a girlfriend to begin with). I usually explain two things to these people.
1) The first thing I always explain the reason she hasn’t gone broke up with me knowing FULL WELL what I do in my real life and what I post on this site.

The simple truth is I have a large penis She gets treated well, so why should she care what the reason is she is getting treated well?

I usually than explain how chivalry isn’t the retarded worship of women that day dreaming fat cunts think it is…(author of twilight)

it’s a way to treat women because we feel pity for something that can’t do anything for itself.

2) The second thing is of course, a lie to make them feel good. Women LOVE to be lied to! Of course they SAY they like honesty, but they like honesty the same way they like going to the gym... It’s a good idea but in reality it’s too painful and hard for them to deal with so they will come up with excuses lies reasons why they don’t wanna be around it. So what is my feel good speech at parties?
“Women ARE like cars (rest of speech)… However, now and again you will come across a rare collectable Shelby mustang, Corvette, (insert any classic car hear) that is worth putting in the extra time, money and effort in to. You begin to love that car and it becomes an ‘object of affection.’”
So what happens next?

The Ladies
Immediately every woman in the room goes “awwwww” because they somehow think they are this extremely rare special exception. I’ve even had it go to where women start trying to decide what kind of car they are, which is hilarious because you get to REALLY see another reason why men are superior. This will spark and opening for men to get women to talk to them and more than likely get them laid.
Getting your fellow man laid: +500 man points.

The Gents
They respect the speech, they know the bull shit, respect an opening that they can agree chauvinism is awesome that doesn’t get women clamoring to cut off their penises, and gets them laid.

My Girlfriend
Knows me, my beliefs, and that it’s part true and part bullshit. She doesn’t care… It makes her look good, and makes her laugh inside she knows women are stupid… especially the ones that can’t do the math on how many cars on the road are sweet collectables, and that the majority are pieces of shit.

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