El Chauvinisto: Cunt of the Year Eternity
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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cunt of the Year Eternity

Hillary Clinton. Who the fuck does she think she is? Why she thinks she has better than a whores shot in church of becoming President is beyond me, but I've got a pretty good idea. She's a woman and women are dumb as fuck. Hillary Clinton isn't just any woman either, she's perhaps the biggest bitch of a cunt that's ever walked the face of slut-ass mother Earth.

Welcome to Cunt of the Year: Hillary Clinton Edition.


There are several things I hate about the bitch, but I'll start with the obvious. She's running for fucking President. If she was running for president of her local PTA I'd still be pissed but I sure as fuck wouldn't spend my time writing about the shit. Ohhh no, she's got to be the President of the motherfucking United States of we're-fucked-if-she-wins. Aint that a bitch? Yes it is, and her name is Hillary Clinton.

What the fuck has she done for anyone in this country? Nothing, that's what. She couldn't even "take care" of her husband when he was in need so why the fuck do people think she'll "take care" of the U.S.? It's a mind-fuck really. All she wants to do is tax the fuck out of you so she can buy another dyke-suit. Really people, when a man who holds the most stressful job on Earth can't get a little relief from his wife and therefore has to go slump-busting, you know something isn't right.

Hillary is nothing without the Clinton.

What's the Hillary without the Clinton you may ask? I'll tell you. A bum-fuck attention whore lawyer who works pro-bono for some crack whore who's suing the city because she thinks being called a prostitute is degrading. That's who. She owes everything to Bill and unfortunately, her millions of dumb fuck supporters don't see that. They think she's actually earned everything she has now. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you sluts need to understand that if it wasn't for Bill's insatiable appetite for fucking ugly bitches, Hillary would be living alone in a studio apartment, wiping back to front, and applying stretch mark removal cream to her god-awful thighs. No Bill=no Hillary. Wake the fuck up ladies.

She's a cunt, plain and simple.

Congratulations Hillary "Clinton" you're our Cunt of the Year. Now get out there and be somebody...somebody who's not afraid to suck a goddamn cock once in a while. Selfish bitch. You could have saved your husband's presidency. Way to go.

For those of you who would like to see Hillary body slammed, look no further. The manly WWE has come through once again.

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