El Chauvinisto: One Year Anniversary
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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

One Year Anniversary

Today is the day. El Chauvinisto's birthday. Before I continue, I would just like to say thanks to MenAreBetterThanWomen and Dick Masterson, as well as everyone who did a Google search for skirt sharking.

El Chauvinisto has surpassed my traffic goals for the year with over 10,000 hits. The amount of time I'm able to spend on this site is so minuscule that 10k unique visitors is quite an accomplishment for me.

OK, without making this post too long and drawn out, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone one last time this year.

Here's a little gift from me to you.

Veronica Zemanova strips in the shower.

Today El Chauvinisto is one year old...and counting.

Thanks again.

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  1. grats buddy, keep fighting the good fight.

    I'd write more but its time to ruin another keyboard w/ that vid you posted

  2. Hahaha! Ewwwww. Hey, a big thanks to you as well. It's appreciated.

  3. While the gift isnt my thing, happy bday (late) anyway =)