El Chauvinisto: Cunt-O-Riffic
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Thursday, June 14, 2007


Cunts are stupid, everyone knows this. Now for an airing of a few grievances:

1. They don't understand football, or any sport for that matter. Try to watch a game with one, just try not to kill the bitch. At a game at Wrigley a couple weeks ago, there were two of 'em sitting behind me. One thought strikes carried over after every batter. I would've shanked the stupid bitch had I not been drunk off my ass.

2. Sexual harassment. What the fuck is this bullshit? If I feel like grabbing an ass at work, I should damn well be able to. If I want to stick my dick in a cunt's cunt, I'm gonna fucking tell her as sure as the sun rises. I don't need to worry about getting fired, sued, or locked up.

3. They wear clothes, enough said.

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  1. Get a life, your private part smells so bad!

  2. That is a pretty long post, but nobody could be bothered to waste time reading through to the third sentence. Then you start to wonder: Why he cant become a goddamned cook?

  3. @anonymous 1,
    Thank you for confirming the fact that you are a whore. It's greatly appreciated.

    @anonymous 2,
    You can't get through the third sentence because women can't read too well. A cook? That's a woman's job...fatty.